Friday, May 26, 2023

Version 3.10 of Applied Discrete Structures - May 2023

 The new version of Applied Discrete Structures has been released in all but the print version. The two most significant changes in this version are 

  • Equivalence classes are now defined within the text (Section 6.3) as opposed to being introduced in an exercise.
  • A glossary. Many of the words in this glossary are not formally defined in the book either because they are viewed as prerequisites to a course in discrete mathematics or are terms in computer science that some students may be unfamiliar with.
The usual minor typos have been corrected and a few exercises have been added or revised. 

The html and pdf versions are available now at  

The print version will be available later this summer. It’s available roughly at cost, but prices have been inching up in recent years.  Last year the full version was $43+shipping.  Seems high to me, but still not as bad as many of the prices for books offered by publishers. As expected, sales have also dropped. No big deal - the print form factor exists mostly to qualify the book for a few OER listings that require it.