Monday, June 5, 2017

Version 3.3, WeBWork collection

Two bits of news:

Version 3.3 of Applied Discrete Structures are available now in all three formats, HTML, PDF, and Print.

The full print version is 588 pages, so I've resisted including WeBWork exercises, although there are a few in the HTML version.  I really don't see the utility of WeBWork in print or pdf, so I've decided to develop a separate WeBWork problems document  in Mathbook XML..oops, PreTeXt (see a recent announcement).  A preliminary version that is mostly based on problems from the National Problem Library (NPL) and is at

GitHub repository is

The coverage is uneven and I'd welcome contributions of problems in areas that are light. Once the problem lists have been fully edited, short descriptions will be added since the problems themselves reside in knowls.  Right now the descriptions are just the addresses of the problems within the NPL.