Monday, January 4, 2016

Chapter 1 of ADS using Mathbook XML

A reformatting of Chapter 1: Set Theory of  Applied Discrete Structures was just completed using  Mathbook XML, an application for authors of scientific articles, textbooks and monographs initiated by Rob Beezer, U. of Puget Sound.

The chapter was converted by exporting the Mathematica Notebook to XML and then making many adjustments by hand to Mathbook XML.  I wanted to do this as a learning process. Next, I want to explore ways to convert remaining Mathematica Notebooks using their natural structure with regular expressions. Whether that works out remains to be seen.
The source code for Chapter 1 and some abbreviated front matter was converted to html and can be viewed at .   One of the advantages of this conversion  is that the html sizes nicely to whatever you view it on, from a phone to a desktop browser.  Also it will be the easy to convert to LaTeX and other formats.

A first look at the new format.