Friday, February 15, 2013

Applied Discrete Structures: a three year status report

The impetus for Applied Discrete Structure was my attendance at a Sage Day at the Clay Math Institute in December 2009.   Al Doerr and I got our copyright back from Pearson a few months after that and so we are just about three years into this project.

Probably the most important milestone was March of last year, when we assembled a complete version of the book and made it available for free on our web site and also for a reasonable price ($30) on

In the past year there have been two other milestones:

  • We are now listed on the American Math Institute's Open Textbook Initiative site.
  • We have several outside adoptions: classes at the University of the Puget Sound, Grinnell College, Casper College and Luzurne Community College are all using our book.
March seems to be a good time to update the book in anticipation of fall adoptions, so I've been working V2 of the full pdf.  It's really just about ready, but I'm going to allow a bit more time pick up more errata from V1.  Particular thanks to students at Luzurne CC, who have found several typos.