Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Logic Design & Boolean Algebra

The original 1980's version of Applied Discrete Structures had a section on Logic Design, but when I reworked the book starting around 10 years ago, I didn't include that section.  The main reason was that I never could find a good application for drawing gate diagrams.  I still haven't found one that is exactly what I want, but Inkscape comes close. I was able to draw some basic diagrams. Although I'm still not perfectly satisfied with what I have, I think they are good for a draft.

So after a delay of several years, here is a draft version of Section 13.7 A Brief Introduction to Switching Theory and Logic Design.  I developed it as single-section PreTeXt book, so the numbering is 1.1.x instead of 13.7.x.   I intend to add this to the next version of Applied Discrete Structures, in spring 2020.

I'd be interested in whether many users would plan on covering this section in their courses.