Monday, June 14, 2021

Version 3.8 of Applied Discrete Structures is now available!

All forms of Applied Discrete Structures - Version 3.8 are available.  As always, the web and pdf versions are free.  The print copies increased in price due to increases in paper costs passed on by Lulu.  The full version is now $41.00.  I'm not so concerned since very few students buy it.

Cover of full version

I didn't keep track of the changes in the new version, but here is a list some of the changes/additions that I recall:

  • Exercises in Section 7.1 were rearranged and augmented
  • A new exercise in Section 8.2 reviewing quantifiers in the context of sequences.
  • A few operations tables were added in Section 11.4 - Modular Arithmetic, including one multiplicative group.
  • An exercise similar to one of our final exam questions this spring was added to section 13.1 on posets and lattices.
  • A new example was added to the section on algebraic coding (15.5) with a follow-up exercise.
If course there were a few minor typos, but not nearly as many as in previous years!